Dun dun dun!

I initially wasn't even going to try and do this but since today started so fine I guess I can give it an honest try.

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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. (8 for Eito.)


Finally! OMFG finally! my 2nd tattoo session took place. Finally I can be as excited as I should have been since last week... seriously.

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Toping this off will be tough tho, good thing sometimes the smallest things can also make me happy. I know it's rare goddamnit!!! but it does happen once in a while you know? X3

Oh yeah, won't tag anyone. If you feel like doing it tho you're more than welcome

Checking out stuff

Finally last week I got to watch Iron Man. Freaking took too long! but I was waiting for a decent dvd rip to download and then along the process I simply forgot about it!! ^__^" so anyways, I really enjoyed it! Mr. Robert Downy Jr. can be brilliant sometimes. Then on Monday I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was hilarious, really needed that, seriously! I think tonight I'll watch Lover Guru, had that one somewhere but forgot to watch... yeah I know, my brain fails a lot lately -___-""

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Bye Miss Amano?

Dang, just learned a few days ago that one of my fav female singers has decided to retire. Could be just a strategy and then she'd come back "stronger" after taking a full year vacation. Could be real as well so basically this sucks. On the other hand, many artists should retire while people still love them instead of turning into those decaying pitiful shades of whatever they used to be. I know, I know, I'm being contradictory.

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Not much more to post about :\


So I keep being an lj delinquent >__<

Thing's that nothing worth mentioning happens, really, and it's starting to annoy me. I mean, I do enjoy the quiet lifestyle but I certainly don't appreciate the dead lifestyle. There's just nothing to do here!!!

It's just more of the same, freaking hot weather, freaking rain making the humidity become unbearable and blahblahblah so I don't see any point in rambling on about it any further.

Anyways, onto what motivated me to post in the first place:

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So I'm fairly biased when it comes to Japanese music, like I even listen stuff that I wouldn't normally do with my everyday music. Mostly pop-ish stuff.

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So in my endless quest of new music to listen to I finally decided to give Arch Enemy a real try. I just kept feeling a bit skeptical about them.

Was I ever so wrong.

Here's just a taste of how women own in the Metal world

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