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So I keep being an lj delinquent >__<

Thing's that nothing worth mentioning happens, really, and it's starting to annoy me. I mean, I do enjoy the quiet lifestyle but I certainly don't appreciate the dead lifestyle. There's just nothing to do here!!!

It's just more of the same, freaking hot weather, freaking rain making the humidity become unbearable and blahblahblah so I don't see any point in rambling on about it any further.

Anyways, onto what motivated me to post in the first place:

Finally new stuff from OLIVIA!!!


I was beginning to wonder if she'd do anything new at all ^___^""""

If you want to download the video you can drop by Jpop n' Kpop but if you want only the song I ripped it from the video and uploaded OLIVIA - Rain

fanboyism alert!!! XD

Oh btw, just for reference OLIVIA
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