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Bye Miss Amano?

Dang, just learned a few days ago that one of my fav female singers has decided to retire. Could be just a strategy and then she'd come back "stronger" after taking a full year vacation. Could be real as well so basically this sucks. On the other hand, many artists should retire while people still love them instead of turning into those decaying pitiful shades of whatever they used to be. I know, I know, I'm being contradictory.

It's said that she will retire after the release of her album ZERO that includes Zero no Chouritsu (theme song for Fatal Frame IV). I believe that her other participations in the Fatal Frame franchise had more impact, well at least Chou, but I enjoyed the song nonetheless. Here's the vid...

There's some speculation whether she'll continue her alternative project A LUNCH (which I also enjoy plenty), can't link any sampler for them tho... can't find anything over youtube.

But anyways, I wanted to post this just to give links to downloads... yay!

Tsukiko Amano - ゼロの調律 (Zero Tuning) (the song from the video)
A LUNCH, both singles MISTY and FIRST FOOD.

As a little extra, when miss Amano had her 5 year anniversary, there was this simultaneous 5 single release that also had 5 videos that were interrelated, if you feel curious clic away. I might add some of those are some pretty damn good songs.




Konton -Chaos-:


I'm not really sure the proper order for them is as I've placed them ^^"

Not much more to post about :\
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