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Because music IS my life X3

So yeah, noticed (quite conveniently might I add) that I've had my lastfm account for exactly a year today. It was quite amusing taking a look at the stats.

First, my top artists:

Then, my top songs:

btw 天野月子 is Amano Tsukiko, lastfm changes it default to kanji.

Talk about some Japanese music influence @__@ but no other real surprises there, just the usual variations of metal (symphonic, doom, gothic, melodic-death, good old fashioned heavy stuff and so on). I have to admit it, thanks to this lastfm thing I've managed to discover some interesting shit, also remember about cool stuff I had forgotten about.

The really surprising thing is the amount of songs I've listened in a year! ZOMFG!!! 17,259 and counting!!
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