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Checking out stuff

Finally last week I got to watch Iron Man. Freaking took too long! but I was waiting for a decent dvd rip to download and then along the process I simply forgot about it!! ^__^" so anyways, I really enjoyed it! Mr. Robert Downy Jr. can be brilliant sometimes. Then on Monday I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was hilarious, really needed that, seriously! I think tonight I'll watch Lover Guru, had that one somewhere but forgot to watch... yeah I know, my brain fails a lot lately -___-""

So I'm pretty stuck with this song:

I'm not at ease with it tho, after all, the lyrics are way emo AND cheesy. The worst thing is that it sounds like a spawn between


now that I've put it like that it's no wonder I like it as I enjoy both songs!!! ^___^""

I also enjoyed OLIVIA - Trinka Trinka (mini album) quite a bit. The upbeat songs more to be honest ;D note to self: should try to find out WTF does trinka trinka mean!!

Anyways, I also checked the "long awaited" (certainly not by me) return of Metalloosers Metallica with their brand new Death Magnetic. Before I get into this (not so)mini rant, I'll let you know I'm one of those that started hating Metallica ever since they did their Black album, I mean, I liked some songs but I hated how commercial they sounded. So by the time they did their Load (of crap) I just quit. The safe guess is that I am VERY biased when checking this new stuff, after all, I trashed St. Anger the very moment I heard it. Right... so I haven't had the chance to check it completely but just looking the track list gave me the creeps as I noticed there is a third part to the song Unforgiven, motherfucking Unforgiven III... what on Earth? so off with a wrong start already. Up until now I've only heard the first 4 tracks, which include the single The Day That Never Comes. So far I'm having a Déjà vu vibe from it all. It feels almost as if they listened to the hardcore fans and pretended to return to and make again what most of them (maybe even myself? lol) approved. Just for comparison's sake try to pay attention to the first riff and before James starts singing it almost feels as if he'll start singing Fade to Black but then he starts singing something rather extremely rip off-ish with a craptacular voice (BTW, listening Unforgiven III as I type this). I'm having mixed feelings about this. For one I'm glad that these guys are trying to make heavier music again, even with all the bitching I can make this definitely pwns EVERY CD they released after the Black album. But in the end this isn't sounding creative at all, it has a backwards feel to it, with no show of true progress. Lemme explain so it doesn't sound contradictory. There could have been a natural progression in that line of music in some way IF they actually felt like they wanted to make hard music instead of forcing themselves to in order to regain the lost fan base which would have been the one supporting them even now if they hadn't kicked them in the nuts for the sake of booking full stadium gigs and becoming filthy rich (I have no problem in anyone pursuing that, but if you do, you have to face the consequences like loosing credibility and so on). So yeah, my simplest conclusion out of this album is that even tho I feel glad (and almost grateful) at this attempt to go back to their roots it all feels like one very forced attempt to regain that recognition that once made Metallica one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands in the planet. In all honestly, I think that with some more listens to it, I'll grow fonder of some songs, not Unforgiven III tho... not in this lifetime!!!

Anyways, I guess what did disappoint me was that I had heard that Metallica was going back to the old school stuff and after listening how the Cavalera brothers with their project Cavalera Conspiracy managed to make a CD worthy of being the true successor of Chaos A.D. as it sounded more Sepultura-like than the last Sepultura itself. Why was it worthy? because it yelled authentic in every riff, growl, beat that came out of those guys. All because of their internal need to make hard, aggressive and intense music. Guess nothing can be perfect... unfortunately. But having a music alternative to Metallica really was one of the best things that could happen to the genre so this really doesn't matter much.
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